4 No Cost Marketing Tips For Your Cricut Business

4 No Cost Marketing Tips for your Cricut Business - Sell Cricut creations - Make money with Cricut

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Business and marketing go hand in hand.

Successful businesses get marketing right and it’s mostly due to their huge budgets.

But even without a huge budget, your marketing efforts can be successful and bring customers to your Cricut business.

So here are 4 no-cost marketing tips for your Cricut business.

Posting on social media

Social media is super powerful and is the best no-cost way to market your Cricut business.

You don’t need every social media platform to market your business; 2-3 platforms are good.

The social media platforms I suggest for your Cricut business are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook actually owns Instagram and the two platforms attract different users.

Research has shown that older Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers tend to use Facebook, while younger Millennials tend to use Instagram.

Both platforms continue to update their software making it easier to reach target audiences.

On Facebook, you can write posts, create stories, or go live.

On Instagram, you can post pictures, stories, highlights, reels, or go live. 

Short video content continues to trend so be sure you aren’t just posting pictures on social media.

Things you can share on your accounts include behind-the-scenes, sales, new products, customer reviews, customer pictures with products, funny memes, etc.

Email marketing

The power of email marketing is often misunderstood by many small businesses.

Imagine investing all of your time into growing your followers on social media and no time into building your email list.

Let’s say that your Facebook and Instagram pages get hacked and now you have to start over and grow your followers, which can take years.

Because you have no email list, the sales that you were getting from social media have completely stopped. The good thing about an email list is that it’s highly unlikely that it will get hacked. Social media accounts get hacked way more often than company email lists.

Email marketing allows you to get in front of your customers to share your products.

If you grow your social media and email lists, it allows you to drive sales from different platforms instead of just relying on one.

Not to mention that the many algorithms on social media change constantly, so while your content may trend on social media now, a new algorithm change can leave you hearing Cricuts.

Asking others to share your page

One of the easiest ways to market your Cricut business is by asking other people to share your page. I know you’ve heard the saying that “closed mouths don’t get fed” or “ask and you shall receive” That’s biblical.

Well, it’s the same when it comes to your Cricut business and asking people to share your page.
Don’t be afraid, just make the ask.

If your family, friends, and colleagues really want to support your business, this is one of the easiest ways for them to do it


Networking may sound scary but it doesn’t have to be. 

When you’re confident in yourself and your business, you won’t mind sharing it with the world and that means going to small business networking events.

You can find networking events in your community by checking out the Chamber of Commerce and there may be local organizations who host small business events.

At networking events be sure that you have your business cards so you can hand those to people you connect with.

I hope you enjoyed this article on 4 no-cost marketing tips for your Cricut business.

Comment below and tell me what other no-cost ways you market your business.

4 No Cost Marketing Tips for your Cricut Business - Sell Cricut creations - Make money with Cricut

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