7 Tips To Make Your First $1,000 Selling Your Cricut Creations

7 Tips To Make Your First $1,000 Selling Your Cricut Creations

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Making money with your Cricut machine can be easy and the amount of money you can make with your Cricut machine can be huge.

And that’s easier said than done.

In this article, I outline the key ways to show you how to make your first $1,000 selling your Cricut creations. 

1. Make sure your product is high quality

Having a high-quality Cricut project is key to selling your Cricut creations. If you’re selling shirts that you made with your Cricut, you need to make sure those shirts look as if they were bought at a store. Find a good quality shirt for a good price and use high-quality HTV such as Siser Easyweed.

You may also want to invest in a tshirt ruler and Teflon sheets to give your shirts a professional press; both items are very inexpensive. I also recommend the Cricut EasyPress if you want a smaller, portable machine or a heat press if you have room to store a larger machine.

With any Cricut project you intend to sell, make sure you practice, practice, practice until you have mastered whatever it is you’re making and selling.

You can also go the extra step and package items up to give them a great appeal. Your packaging products don’t have to expensive. Dollar Tree has great packaging supplies for $1.25.

When your Cricut creations look high quality, they are destined to sell.

2. Price your items for a profit

Pricing is absolutely important if you want to make your first $1,000 selling your Cricut creations. The whole intent of selling your Cricut creations is to make money. So, if you’re not pricing your items to make money, you’re doing it wrong.

My Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet allows you to price various Cricut creations so you can make a profit.

You input the cost of your supplies, the profit you would like to make, shipping cost, if necessary and the spreadsheet lets you know what you need to charge for your products.

This spreadsheet is super easy to use and that’s why I’ve sold over 500 copies of it.

3. Set up a website or order platform

If you just want to sell your Cricut creations to make money on the side, there’s no real reason to set up an e-commerce right off the back.

You may just want to start selling your creations to see how well you do.

Well, I still suggest setting up some type of website or platform so that you can accept orders.

In today’s world, people order a lot of things online and let’s face it, we’re on our phones a LOT.

So you need to set up an easy way for people to place orders to buy your Cricut creations. You can use tools such as Jotform, Google Forms or Google Sites.

All of those platforms are free and very easy to set up.

Read more about why Jotform and Google Forms are a great way to accept customer orders. 

Check out my example Google Sites website. Google Sites is completely free to use.

4. Take lots of pictures of your products

Pictures are worth a thousand words and if you take great photos of your Cricut creations, that can help increase your sales.

If you sell tumblers, you need to have pictures of those tumblers to put on your website and social media.

I like to say, if you don’t have pictures, you don’t have proof. So start taking amazing pictures of your Cricut creations so you can start making money.

5. Let your family and friends know

Your family and friends can be your first customers when it comes to selling your Cricut creations. They can also be somewhat of ambassadors for you and tell their friends about the Cricut items you sell.

If you want to make your first $1,000 with your Cricut, now is not the time to shy away, use your family and friends to help you promote your Cricut creations and make some money.

6. Post on social media

Social media will be your go-to platform when it comes to selling your Cricut creations and making your first $1,000. As mentioned before, those pictures you take of your Cricut creations will be great to show potential customers on your website and on social media.

You can also record reels and video of your Cricut creations and use that on social media to gain more followers.

While asking people to DM you on Instagram for the price of a product may seem cool, if you set up a link to Jotform, Google Forms or Google Sites to collect orders, you can eliminate some of the back and forth of DM’ing people.

7. Meet with local businesses or organizations to see if they need your products

Using the shirt example again, you can go to local businesses or nonprofits to see if they need shirts for an upcoming event.

I suggest doing research beforehand to see what these companies have done in the past in regard to hosting events.

You can use Instagram or Facebook to see if a local company has hosted a marathon, employee appreciation, etc. For most marathons, they give goody bags to the participants that sign up and oftentimes a shirt is included in the bag.

Because you make shirts, you could reach out to the organization and offer to create their shirts for their upcoming marathon or event.

That’s just one example of how you can reach out to businesses and organizations to offer your products.
I hope you enjoyed this article on 7 Tips to make your first $1,000 selling your Cricut creations.

Comment below and let me know what Cricut creations you sell to make money.

7 Tips To Make Your First $1,000 Selling Your Cricut Creations
7 Tips To Make Your First $1,000 Selling Your Cricut Creations

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