How To Be Confident In Your Cricut Business

How to be confident in your Cricut business

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It takes confidence to step outside of your norm.

It takes confidence to start a Cricut business.

If you want to learn how to be confident in your Cricut business, read this article to help you flourish.

Perfect your Cricut skills

If you will be selling shirts, you need to make sure that your shirts can compete with shirts from Walmart, Amazon, local print shops, etc.

If it took Thomas Edison 10,000 hours to perfect the light bulb, you better know that it’s going to take you lots of hours to perfect your shirts.

Start by making shirts for family and friends first.

Know your limitations

As a crafter, you don’t have to know how to do ALL THE THINGS. If you specialize in shirts and someone wants you to make a tumbler for them and you know tumblers aren’t your strong suit, tell the person.

If you have no desire to make or sell tumblers, don’t take custom orders for them.

You get to choose what you sell.

Take amazing pictures

Have you ever known someone who could cook really well, but when they took pictures of their food, it didn’t look appetizing? It’s the same when it comes to creating with your Cricut machine.

Your pictures have to be appealing and entice customers to want to buy from you.

Every time you make shirts or any other projects, make it a habit to take amazing pictures of your projects.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Price items for a profit

A lot of times Cricut crafters are shy about pricing their items because they’re not 100% confident in the items they create. They haven’t perfected their Cricut skills and they know they can do a better job with creating.

If you don’t think your shirt is worth $25, neither will the customer.

The Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet will help you price your items for a profit. 

Develop a strategy

With any business, you need a strategy or guidebook. If you don’t have a strategy that outlines all the steps you need to take, you’re stuck piecing things together.

The Cricut Business Launch Playbook outlines all the strategies you need for your Cricut business including how to set up an LLC, analyze your competitors, start your business without a website, etc.

Be open to learning and making mistakes

In school you learn and you make mistakes. When you’re creating with your Cricut, you learn and you make mistakes.

Honestly, you can’t get through life without making mistakes and you can’t expect to start and run a business without making mistakes.

You have to keep learning how to use your Cricut machine.

Take the time to learn how to manage your business finances, social media, Etsy shop or website.

Also, just because something doesn’t come to you naturally doesn’t mean you should ditch it completely. Be patient and keep learning.

Invest in coaching

When you’re in school, sometimes even though the teacher is teaching a group of students in person or on video, it’s still hard to comprehend the lesson. You need a private tutor.

It’s the same with starting and growing a Cricut business. Sometimes you can watch all the YouTube videos and read all the articles and still feel stuck.

You need to talk to a real person to get real-time feedback and answers.

Schedule a Cricut business coaching call to build the confidence you need to grow a successful business with your Cricut machine.

Being confident takes time, patience, and repeated effort.

Comment below and let me know what steps you’re taking to be confident in your Cricut business.


How to be confident in your Cricut business

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