Are Cricut Businesses Profitable?

Are Cricut businesses profitable?

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A business exists solely to make a profit.

You’re reading this article because you’ve at least thought about starting a Cricut business and naturally the next question that pops into your head is if starting a Cricut business is profitable?

My answer to that question is outlined below.

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Now, back to answering the question about if Cricut businesses are profitable, the answer to that is they can be.

Honestly, that is a loaded question that has a lot of variables that affect the profitability of a Cricut business.

Some of the things that affect the profitability of a Cricut business include the items sold, the price they’re sold at, your expenses, and marketing.

The items

The items you choose to sell will determine if your Cricut business is profitable. If you sell items that take up too much time and the supplies are costly, your Cricut business won’t be profitable, and vice versa. Some of the items that tend to have good profit margins include shirts, personalized tumblers, personalized mugs, decals, and stickers.

The price

Pricing your products is an art and you will likely have to test out your pricing a couple of times to feel comfortable landing on a price. If you price your items too high or too low, it will turn away certain customers. You have to choose a price that you feel comfortable with and that can earn you a good amount of profit.

Your expenses

As mentioned above, you should be pricing your items to make a profit. To determine your profit, you subtract all expenses (supplies, packaging, shipping) from the cost of the item.

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Additionally, when you’re taking pictures of your items to post on social media, your quality needs to be really good. Invest in the proper lighting and props to make your product photos look appealing.

So to sum up everything, yes, Cricut businesses can be profitable if you approach them in the correct way. You have to be willing to put in the work, ask the questions, research, and keep tweaking your processes.

If you don’t do the things above, no, your Cricut business will not be profitable. You can’t just hop on Etsy, price items super low or super high, post blurry photos, and expect customers to come pouring in. It doesn’t work like that.

In this article, I shared with you the 4 biggest factors that influence a Cricut business’ profitability.

Comment below and let me know what you sell in your Cricut business and if your business is profitable or not.

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