Everything You Need To Know About Creative Fabrica

Is Creative Fabrica Worth It, Free Creative Fabrica Subscription, Creative Fabrica All Access $9 T

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If you’re ready to upgrade from Cricut Access or if you’re a creator and you need a one-stop shop to find designs for all of your creative projects, you need Creative Fabrica.

In this article I share everything you need to know about Creative Fabrica.

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is a website that offers digital files for creators including SVG files, PNG files, fonts, and more. 

Is Creative Fabrica Worth It, Free Creative Fabrica Subscription, Creative Fabrica All Access $9

Creative Fabrica is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

How much does Creative Fabrica cost?

Creative Fabrica offers the following 4 pricing plans:

Creative Fabrica Pricing, How much does Creative Fabrica Cost

  • Crafts Plan – $12 for 3 months
    • 210,126 cut files 
    • Commercial license
  • Fonts Plan – $19 per month
    • Access to 168,732 fonts
    • New fonts added daily
    • Commercial license
  • Graphics Plan – $19 per month
    • Download 8,866,123 Designs
    • New graphics added daily
    • Commercial license
  • All Access Plan – $29 per month
    • Everything from the craft subscription
    • 168,732 Fonts
    • 8,866,123 Graphic assets
    • 210,126 cut files 
    • 61,034 embroidery designs
    • Commercial license

Not sure which plan you want, try Creative Fabrica for free first

If you want the All Access Plan for $9 per month, click here.

Does Creative Fabrica offer a free trial?

Yes, Creative Fabrica offers a free trial. The free trial lasts for 1 month or once you’ve downloaded your 10 free designs, whichever happens first. Explore the free trial.

Does Creative Fabrica have a yearly subscription?

Yes, Creative Fabrica has a yearly subscription that can sometimes cost $59.88/year. See how much the Creative Fabrica yearly subscription costs now.

Does Creative Fabrica have a lifetime subscription?

No, Creative Fabrica does not have a lifetime subscription, however, if you buy any crafts from Creative Fabrica, your designs have a lifetime commercial license. That means even if you cancel your Creative Fabrica subscription, you can still use those crafts and make projects to sell.

However, if you end your Creative Fabrica subscription, you won’t be able to make and sell projects using the fonts and graphics you downloaded from Creative Fabrica. Read here for more information.

How to set up an account on Creative Fabrica?

  1. Click here to start a free trial and download 10 free designs
  2. You will need to enter your debit/credit card info or pay with PayPal but you won’t be charged until after 1 month or after you’ve downloaded 10 designs for free.

How to cancel your Creative Fabrica Subscription? How to unsubscribe from Creative Fabrica?

To cancel your Creative Fabrica subscription or unsubscribe:

  1. Log into your Creative Fabrica Account
  2. Hover over “My Profile” in the top right corner and click “My Account” 
  3. Then click “Subscriptions” on the left side
  4. On the subscription overview page click “Cancel Subscription“.
  5. Follow the remaining steps. Once your Creative Fabrica subscription has been canceled, you will receive an email confirming that you have canceled.

Does Creative Fabrica offer refunds?

Because all products on Creative Fabrica are digital, they do not offer refunds.

Is Creative Fabrica worth it?

If you’re a creator using a Cricut machine or any other cutting machine, using sublimation printers, making/ordering DTFs, printing then cutting your own designs, or if you know how to knit/crochet/embroider, Creative Fabrica is definitely worth it.

Creative Fabrica is also great for people who enjoy coloring (they have over 200,000 coloring graphics). 

They even have classes that range from Cricut to scrapbooking, woodworking, and everything in between.

Creative Fabrica Print on Demand

Additional things I love about Creative Fabrica are:

  • Their commercial license on designs is automatic as long as you keep an active subscription
  • They have lots of fonts with glyphs
  • They have laser cut files and designs
  • They have tons of mockups for just about everything
  • They have thousands of print on demand designs that you can use for sublimation or DTF printing
  • They have thousands of beautiful tumbler wraps
  • Their wedding designs are phenomenal

I hope you enjoyed this article on everything to know about Creative Fabrica.

If you’re ready to try out Creative Fabrica, click here.

Is Creative Fabrica Worth It, Free Creative Fabrica Subscription, Creative Fabrica All Access $9

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