100 Cricut Beginner Projects

100 Cricut Beginner Projects, 100 Beginner Cricut Projects, Easy Cricut Projects YT

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If you’re a Cricut beginner you may not know where to start and may be looking for Cricut beginner projects.

This article includes 100 Cricut beginner projects that are for people who are new to using their Cricut machines or haven’t used their Cricut machines in a while.

These beginner Cricut projects are a mix of articles and YouTube videos, including some of my Cricut beginner projects, those from other amazing Cricut bloggers, and Cricut Design Space.

What are Cricut beginner projects?

Cricut beginner projects are projects that new Cricut users can easily make. These projects don’t require a lot of time, detail, or supplies. These Cricut beginner projects are easy to follow along with.

What you need for Cricut beginner projects.

The items you need for Cricut beginner projects vary by type of project. Below is a list of the most common types of Cricut projects and the materials you will need for them:

Cricut Machines

For Most Projects 

Cricut Acrylic Cake Topper Projects

Acrylic cake topper supplies: https://amzn.to/3ObD8wy

Cricut Adhesive Vinyl Projects

Cricut Glass Etching Projects

Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl/Iron-on Projects

Cricut Keychain Projects

Cricut Mug Projects

Cricut Print then Cut Projects

Cricut Shaker Cake Topper Projects

Cricut Tumbler Projects

Cricut Wood Projects


Cricut Beginner Projets: Adhesive Vinyl

Below are 34 adhesive vinyl Cricut beginner projects.

1. Home Storage Labels

Cricut Design Space The Container Store - Under the Sink Organizer


2. Graduation Shadow Box

Country Chic Cottage Giving-Money-for-Graduation-with-Unique-Graduation-Gifts-007


3. Playroom Organizing Pouches

Cricut Design Space Playroom Organizing Pouches


4. Personalized Acrylic Keychain

Cricut Design Space Personalized Acrylic Keychain


5. Clothing Bin Labels

Cricut Design Space Kids Clothing Bin Labels


6. Starbucks Cup

Something Turquoise-DIY-Personalized-Starbucks-Cups-Cricut


7. Reverse Canvas with Acrylic Paint

InsideOutlined DIY-Reverse-Canvas-DIY-Christian-Crafts-DIY-Canvas


8. Hello Wood Sign



9. Scalloped Planter Stencil 

Cricut Design Space Scalloped Planter Stencil


10. Soap Dispenser Label

Cricut Design Space Bathroom Dispenser Labels


11. Dollar Tree Back to School Supplies

dollar tree back to school ideas, dollar tree back to school cricut, dollar tree cricut back to school


12. Space Wall Decals

Cricut Design Space Space Wall Decals


13. Personalized Water Bottles, Cricut Water Tracker

InsideOutlined Cricut Water Bottle, Cricut Water Tracker


14. Personalized Fruit Glasses

Cricut Design Space Personalized Fruit Glass


15. Personalized Phone Case Inserts 

Cricut Design Space Phone Case Inserts


16. Personalized Coffee Mug

Cricut Design Space Personalized Coffee Mug


17. Butterfly Glass Cup Wrap

Cricut Design Space Butterfly Glass Can Wrap


18. Inspirational Notebook 

InsideOutlined Cricut Notebook


19. Home Decor Picture Frames

InsideOutlined Home Decor Signs


20. Personalized Keychain

Cricut Design Space Acrylic Keychain


21. Valentine’s Day Candy Pots

Cricut Valentines Day Craft - Cricut Valentines Day Candy Pot - Cricut Valentines Day


22. Be Merry Porch Sign

Cricut Christmas Porch Sign Final with Snowflakes Canva


23. Emoji Ornaments

Christmas Emoji Glitter Ornament


24. Fall Cutting Board

The DIY Mommy DIY-Fall-Cutting-Board-with-Cricut-9


25. Monogram Pumpkin

Fall Cricut Projects to Sell Monogram Pumpkin


26. Teacher Appreciation Gift Clipboard

Finished Clipboard with Pen -Teacher Appreciation Gift- Clipboard Decorating


27. Hello Wood Sign

Cricut Design Space Hello Hanging Sign


28. Cookie Jar

Cricut Design Space Cookie Jar


29. Home Decor Blocks of Wood

diy project, diy wood blocks, wood block crafts, blocks of wood crafts, diy home decor, wood sign, cricut project, wooden blocks, blocks of wood,


30. LED Acrylic Night Light

Cricut Design Space LED Acrylic Night Lights


31. Smores Caddy

DIY Mommy DIY-Canada-Day-Smores-Caddy


32. Mickey Mouse Crayon Boxes

Cricut Design Space Mickey Mouse Crayon Boxes


33. Frosted Wedding Table Numbers

Something Turquoise diy-frosted-water-carafe-wedding-table-numbers-cricut-00010


34. Personalized Drink Pouches

Thats What Che Said Personalized-Drink-Pouches7


Cricut Beginner Projets: Heat Transfer Vinyl/Iron-On

Below are 20 heat transfer vinyl/iron-on Cricut beginner projects.

35. Unicorn Backpack

Cricut Design Space Unicorn Backpack


36. Personalized Makeup Bag

InsideOutlined Personalized Makeup Bag


37. Word Search Wine Bag

Cricut Design Space Word Search Wine Bag


38. Layered Shirt

Color Me Crafty Cricut Layered Shirt


39. Stuffed Unicorns

InsideOutlined Cricut Stuffed Unicorns


40. Love Wins Coaster

Cricut Design Space Love Wins Coasters


41. Garden Tool Organizer

Cricut Design Space Garden Tool Organizer


42. Personalized Name Keychain

Country Chic Cottage cricut-name-keychain-16-of-19


43. Dog Walking Pouch

Cricut Design Space Dog Walking Pouch


44. 4th of July Tank Top

InsideOutlined Cricut 4th of July Tank Top


45. Monogrammed Coasters

Color Me Crafty Infusible Ink Coasters


46. Sprinkle Apron

Cricut Design Space Donute Sprinkle Apron


47. Pillow Cover

Fall Cricut Projects to Sell Pillow Cover


48. Floral Bucket Hat

Cricut Design Space Floral Bucket Hat


49. Tote Bag

InsideOutlined Cricut Tote Bag


50. Heart Converse Shoes

Cricut Design Space Converse Shoes


51. First Day of School Pennant/Banner

Cricut Design Space Cricut Back to School Pennant


52. Baby Shower Sash

Something Turquoise -DIY-Mommy-To-Be-Sash_0019

53. Dad Cap

Cricut Design Space Dad Hat


54. Koozies

Cricut Design Space Koozie



Cricut Beginner Projets: Cardstock

Below are 20 cardstock Cricut beginner projects.

55. Happy Birthday Shaker Cake Topper

InsideOutlined Cricut Happy Birthday Shaker Cake Topper


56. Wine Glass Charms

Designer Trapped DIY-wine-glass-charms-4


57. Valentine’s Day Coloring Card

Creates With Love Valentine-coloring-cards-blog


58. Personalized Name 3D Cake Topper

InsideOutlined Personalized Happy Birthday 3D Cake Topper


59. Love Cutout Card

Cricut Design Space Holographic Card Love


60. Simple Cake Topper

InsideOutlined Cricut Simple Cake Topper


61. Spiderman Shaker Cake Topper

InsideOutlined Cricut Spiderman Shaker Cake Topper


62. Table Fan Decor

Cricut Design Space Hand Fans


63. Number Shaker Cake Topper

InsideOutlined Cricut Number Shaker Cake Topper


64. Coupon Book

Practically Functional using-the-cricut-maker-perforation-blade-and-debossing-tip-to-make-a-birthday-coupon-book


65. Valentine’s Day Emoji Card

InsideOutlined Cricut Valentine's Day Card Emoji


66. Valentine’s Day Gable Box

InsideOutlined Cricut Valentine's Day Gable Box


67. 3D Strawberries

Cricut Design Space 3D Strawberries

68. Happy Birthday Banner

Cricut Design Space Happy Birthday Banner


69. 3D Cake Topper

InsideOutlined Cricut 3D Cake Topper


70. Mother’s Day Cake Topper

Mothers Day Cake Topper


71. Thank You Gift Tag

Cricut Design Space Thank You Gift Tags


72. Flower Wreath

Heart Filled Spaces Paper-Flower-SVGS-with-tips-for-making-paper-flowers-for-a-spring-wreath


73. Ladybug Lollipop Holder

Spot Of Tea Designs Love-Bug-Lollipop-Holders-title copy


74. 3D Lotus Flower

Cricut Design Space 3D Lotus


Cricut Beginner Projets: Print then Cut

Below are 17 print then cut Cricut beginner projects.

75. Candy dome holders

InsideOutlined Print then Cut Candy Dome Holder


76. Baby Shower Invitation

Cricut Design Space Baby Shower Invitation


77. Magnets

InsideOutlined Cricut Magnets


78. Summer Stickers

InsideOutlined Cricut Summer Stickers


79. Print then Cut Envelopes

Cricut Design Space Print then Cut Envelope


80. Back to School Stickers

Kelly Lollard Designs Cricut Back to School Stickers


81. Print then Cut Magnetic Bookmarks

Michelles Party Plan IT peachy-magnetic-bookmarks


82. Craftivist Print then Cut Shirt

Hey Let's Make Stuff Printable-Iron-On-Vinyl-Final-1


83. Print then cut shirt

Shawn Mosch Cricut Print then Cut Shirt


84. Print then Cut Banner

Kim Six Fix personalized-summer-popsicle-banner


85. Cricut Business Cards

InsideOutlined Cricut Business Cards


86. Floral Stickers

DIY Mommy How-to-make-money-with-your-Cricut-2


87. Grandparents Day Card

Cricut Design Space GrandParents Day Card


88. Floating Ornaments

InsideOutlined Cricut Floating Ornaments


89. Gift Boxes

InsideOutlined Cricut Print then Cut Gift Boxes


90. Thank you Card

Aubree Originals easy-Cricut-thank-you-cards


91. Waterproof Stickers

Creative Ramblings Cricut Waterproof Stickers Flower-sticker-674x1024


Cricut Beginner Projets: Drawing

Below are 4 drawing Cricut beginner projects.

92. Watercolor Hot Air Balloon

Cricut Design Space Hot Air Baloon Watercolor Card


93. Candle Label Stickers

Cricut Design Space Candle Jar Labels


94. Adult Coloring Pages

A Break 4 Mommy FlowerColoringPages


95. Mandala Coloring Page

Mommy Week Cricut Mandala Coloring Pages


Cricut Beginner Projets: Foam

Below are 3 foam Cricut beginner projects.

96. Layered Foam Earth

Cricut Design Space Cricut Foam Project - Earth


97. Hero Foam Masks

Craft with Sarah Cricut-mask-templates


98. Cricut Blade Organizer

Cricut Design Space Cricut Blade Organizer


Cricut Beginner Projets: Etched

Below are 2 foam Cricut beginner projects.

99. Texas Love Etched Glass

Jordans Easy Entertaining etched-glass-5


100. Best Dad Ever Etched Glass


I hope that you enjoyed these 100 Cricut beginner projects. All of these projects are super easy to make and only take a few supplies.

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100 Cricut Beginner Projects, 100 Beginner Cricut Projects, Easy Cricut Projects

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