Sell Your Cricut Shirts For These 4 Events

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Family reunions, class reunions, graduations, and bridal showers.

What do these four things have in common?

Besides being a time when people come together to celebrate, shirts are one thing these events have in common.

People love personalized shirts for just about any and every event and if you want to sell large orders of shirts using your Cricut machine, you want to take advantage of these four events.

You can go the route of selling one shirt here and there, but with these four events, you can sell lots of shirts at one time without having to do a lot of marketing.

Read to the end to learn my favorite tips for making and selling Cricut shirts in bulk and also to get your questions answered about the profitability of selling shirts made with your Cricut.

Selling Cricut shirts for family reunions

Family reunions are the time of the year when families unite to catch up and reflect on memories.

This year I attended a family reunion (the first in over 20 years) and it was a joy to see family members that I hadn’t seen in years and others I had never met before.

I also had the pleasure of making the shirts for the family reunion and my process was super simple. I set up the process online, set a deadline, and closed the online form to allow myself plenty of time to order and make the shirts.

Regardless of whether the family reunion is a small or large gathering, it’s a way for you to easily and quickly make a large sum of money.

Selling Cricut shirts for class reunions

Class reunions are very similar to family reunions.

A small or large group of people are coming together to catch up and reflect on old times.

A personalized shirt shows unity and makes for a great photo op.

Also in the years down the road, classmates will pull up their shirts and remember the good times and that class reunion Facebook group is once again active.

Selling Cricut shirts for graduation

Graduation shirts are perfect to help the graduate identify their family in a crowd (if they have on distinct bright color shirts) and it also allows others to see the huge amount of support for the graduate.

Add the graduate’s name, a funny/clever phrase or a picture to the shirts.

Selling Cricut shirts for bridal showers

Brides sometimes go over and beyond for their bridal showers and what’s one simple and inexpensive gift they can give to their bridesmaids? Shirts.

Scroll through Etsy to take a look at the many different bridesmaid’s shirts and then go and sell some in your community.

Connect with local venues that host weddings and other wedding-related businesses and give them your business card so they can think about you and promote your business to their brides.

Supplies needed to make Cricut shirts

You need the following supplies to make your Cricut shirts:

Tips to make and sell Cricut shirts in bulk

  • Offer 3-5 design options that don’t have super tiny details and aren’t complex (buy a few designs on Etsy or make your own)
  • Stick with only 1 color HTV, offering multiple colors is very time-consuming for large orders of shirts
  • Only offer 1 or 2 shirt color options so you know you can find the specific color or you can buy the shirts online at
  • Offer the option for customers to provide the shirts to you (be sure you have an online, timestamped way to track how many shirts were provided to you)
  • Break your crafting days into phases – cut all designs on one day, weed them on another day, and apply to shirts on the last day
  • Outsource the shirt designs to be printed on direct-to-film (DTF) and just press them on the shirts (this is what I did for my family reunion shirts)

Tips to market Cricut shirts in bulk for free

  • Create mockups in Canva for potential family reunion shirts
  • Set up an online form to accept orders and payment 
  • Post on social media about large shirt orders for family reunions, class reunions, and other events
  • Let your family, friends, coworkers, church members, kid’s principal and others know

Do Cricut shirts last?

Yes, the shirts you make with your Cricut machine last just as long as any graphic shirt you buy from a store or online.

Why won’t your iron-on vinyl stick to your shirt?

You have to beware of the peel instructions on your iron-on or HTV. Different brands and types of iron-on/HTV have different peel instructions. 

Some Cricut brand iron-on vinyl has a cold/cool peeling meaning you have to wait for the clear plastic to cool down before you can peel it off.

Other brands are warm/hot peel meaning you can peel the clear plastic off when it’s warm enough for you to do so without burning yourself.

Always be sure to check the peel instructions of your iron-on/HTV.

Also, if you don’t remember the peel instructions for your iron-on/HTV and if your iron-on vinyl won’t stick, press it again and let the clear plastic cool before peeling it off.

How to sell your Cricut shirts?

I recommend selling your Cricut shirts online through a platform such as Google Forms, Jotform, Google Sites, Neartail or Shopify. When you have an online way to take customer orders, this allows you to digitally accept orders from all over the world and customers receive a digital receipt.

You can also reach out to family, friends, schools, local small businesses, etc. to sell your shirts.

Is it expensive to sell shirts made with a Cricut?

Selling shirts made with your Cricut doesn’t have to be expensive especially if you price your shirts correctly. Here’s an example. You buy 5 blank shirts for $4 each and a roll of Cricut iron-on vinyl for $12. You already have a heat press and Teflon sheet.

Because of the design you are using, you are able to make all 5 shirts out of the 1 roll of Cricut iron-on vinyl. So, the total cost of your materials is $16.

Now let’s say that you make the shirts and sell each one for $17. You just made $85. When you subtract the cost of your supplies (the 5 shirts and roll of iron-on vinyl) from the $85, your profit is $69 which, in my opinion, is pretty good.

So, while it cost you $3.20 to make each shirt ($16/5), you made $13.80 in profit for each shirt ($69/5).

Other expenses that will make your profit go down are if you buy additional packaging that will increase the cost of your supplies.

So be sure to keep all of your expenses low, but your quality high when selling Cricut shirts.

Is selling shirts profitable?

As shown in the example above, selling shirts can be a profitable Cricut business and the average profit per shirt made with your Cricut machine can be high. In my opinion, your average profit per shirt should be a minimum of $10 if you’re selling individual shirts. If you’re selling bulk shirts, your average profit per shirt should be more than $7 per shirt.

Again, your profit is the amount you have left after all expenses.

How much should you sell your Cricut shirts for?

The amount you sell your Cricut shirts for will vary based on the number of shirts you’re making and the cost of the supplies. You should also price your shirts based on how much profit you want to make for each shirt.

You should purchase the Cricut Pricing Spreadsheet to automatically calculate how much you should charge for your shirts.

Cricut shirts and also determine what your profit will be for your shirts.

Here are a few things to consider when selling your Cricut shirts.

  • If the customer wants designs on the front and back of their shirts, charge a few extra dollars per shirt
  • If the customer wants multiple colors in their design, charge a few extra dollars per shirt

Can you start a shirt business with a Cricut

Yes, you can start a shirt business with your Cricut machine.

In my opinion, there are three types of Cricut shirt businesses you can start.

  1. You sell designs that you think are trendy and think people will buy.
  2. You take custom orders for people who want shirts designed a certain way.
  3. A combination of 1 and 2.

All options have pros and cons and you must weigh and test them to see what the best option is for you.

I know this article was filled with a lot of good info and I hope it was helpful to you. Send me an email or message to let me know what other events you take advantage of to sell your Cricut shirts.

Sell Your Cricut Shirts For These 4 Events, Cricut Shirt, DIY Shirt, HTV Shirt, How To Start Shirt Business, Start Cricut Shirt Business Pin

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