The Best Shipping Scale For Your Cricut Business

Best shipping scale for Cricut business

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If you’re shipping physical items in your Cricut business, you will definitely need a shipping scale.

A shipping scale will allow you to weigh your items so that you can purchase a shipping label for the right price.

If you don’t have the accurate weight of your products, you could be spending more money than necessary on shipping labels.

Having your own scale at home and being able to print your own shipping labels allows you to skip the line at USPS, Fedex, or UPS.

When you do all those things at home, you can drop your packages off at your shipping carrier location.

Best Shipping Scale for Cricut Business

So, here’s everything you need to know about my favorite shipping scale for my Cricut business.

The shipping scale that I recommend for your Cricut business is the Accutek scale.

You can get this scale on Amazon between $17-$25.

This scale can weigh up to 50 pounds and you can use batteries or you can plug it into the wall.

I’ve had my Accutek scale for a few years and haven’t had any trouble with it. I also have not had to replace my scale since I got it.

The scale comes in various colors, but I chose the black scale.

So comment below and let me know what scale you have or if you will get this Accutek scale.

Best Shipping Scale for Cricut Business

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