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I got my Cricut Explore Air 2 in 2018 and hit the ground running creating gifts and home decor. I’ve created everything from personalized mugs and shadow boxes to tshirts. The projects you can make with your Cricut are endlesss.

If you’re new to creating with your Cricut or if you’re looking for Cricut projects to sell, I have created a list of 66 Cricut projects that you can make or sell.

Having a Cricut machine is very exciting and also very intimidating. If you are just getting your Cricut machine, you can be tempted to leave it sitting and collecting dust until you figure out what you want to make.

You may say, “I’m going to give myself a week to search online and figure out how to use my Cricut machine.” But then a week turns into 3, and 3 weeks turns into 3 months and you still haven’t opened or used your Cricut machine.

Cricut Free SVG Files and Free Cricut Printables

Don’t let that be your story. Cricut machines aren’t cheap and I assume that you bought/received your Cricut machine in anticipation of making awesome crafts! Well, I have outlined 66 awesome crafts for you to make with your Cricut machine.

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1. Advent calendar

Advent calendars are perfect for counting down the days until Christmas. You can make your advent calendars out of cardstock and get creative with the ideas/things that you do each day leading up to Christmas.

2. Aprons

Aprons are an easy heat transfer vinyl project and you can put a variety of designs on your aprons. You can make aprons for yourself, your friends and family or to sell. Check out the variety of aprons from Amazon.

3. Alphabet blocks/cubes

Alphabet wooden blocks are perfect to decorate a table for a baby shower, nursery or for a birthday party. You can paint the wooden blocks or just put vinyl on them. Get creative and spell out your name, home or love.

4. Birthday cards

One of my favorite materials to use with my Cricut machine is cardstock. I especially love making birthday cards with my Cricut machine. The design ideas are endless and you can also spruce up your birthday cards by adding sequin and confetti mixes to make shaker cards.

5. Bows ( faux leather)

Faux leather bows are super easy to make with your Cricut machine and they are so cute. I appreciate that you only need a few supplies including faux leather, hair bow clips, and hot glue to bring these bows to life. If you have girls in your family, I definitely recommend making them some faux leather bows with your Cricut machine.

6. Candle Jar Decals

If you’re like me and you love Bath and Body Works candles but hate throwing away the candle jars (because we’re environmentally conscious), you can use your candle jars to decorate your home by applying vinyl to them. You can also paint them before applying vinyl. I’ve seen people repurpose them to use for the holidays and upcycle them by putting knobs on the top and putting cotton swabs and cotton rounds on the inside.


7. Candy Dome Holders

Candy dome holders have been the recent rage and I must admit, they’re really cool and super easy to make. I prefer to print then cut my candy dome holders to create a variety of cartoon characters and other graphics. You can make these as party favors and even sell them as party favors.

How to make a candy holder
Click to watch the video.

8. Car decals

You can’t drive down the road without seeing at least a few dozen cars that have car decals on them. Car decals are by far some of the simplest projects you can make with your Cricut machine, all you need is vinyl!

9. Cake toppers

I love cake toppers and love making them for my birthday and for family and friends birthdays. Cake toppers are super easy to make because all you need are skewers and cardstock and if you want to go glamorous, use glitter cardstock and make a 2 sided glitter cake topper. 

Super Mario Cake Topper, Super Mario Shaker Cake Topper
Click to watch the video.

10. Dog clothes

Dogs that wear clothes are super adorable. You can make dog clothing for the holidays because that is likely when people are searching for dog clothing. You can customize dog bandanas, shirts, sweaters, etc.

11. Envelopes

Making envelopes with my Cricut machine is one of my newfound joys, again because all you need is cardstock. When I plan in advance, I usually make personalized envelopes for family and friends’ birthdays. There are already svg files in Cricut Design Space for free and you can also upload patterns to your envelope and include cartoon characters, Christmas trees, hearts, and lots more. There are tons of patterns to use in Design space and you just use the process for printing and cutting out your envelope.

12. Exploding box

I haven’t personally made an exploding box yet, but these boxes are so amazing! I love that you can leave pictures, notes and even money inside these boxes. Take off the lid and the excitement will “explode”. All you really need to make exploding boxes is cardstock, your scoring stylus/wheel, and double-sided tape or glue. 

13. Eye mask/Sleeping mask

I cannot sleep with light shining in my face and that’s why I adore eye masks. If you buy cloth eye masks, you can put HTV on them and put cute sayings and designs on them.

Cricut Free SVG Files and Free Cricut Printables

14. Faux leather earrings

I recently experimented with faux leather earrings and they were so gorgeous! You can make various designs and also layer different colors onto your faux leather earrings. I bought all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby, but you can get them on Amazon also.

Check out my Amazon Storefront where I list my favorite Cricut products in 1 place: https://www.amazon.com/shop/insideoutlined

15. Fabric appliqués

Your Cricut machine can also cut fabric and has a special mat for cutting fabric – the pink mat. If you know how to sew or hand sew, then you can definitely use your Cricut machine to cut out pieces of fabric in various shapes and then sew them to make amazing projects. 

16. Felt coasters

Felt coasters are really neat and you can design them in a variety of ways. Felt coasters are perfect for outside gatherings and can be used indoors. Make a variety of felt coasters to fit the holidays and seasons. To make felt coasters all you need is felt and felt glue.

17. Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are a cool way to use your Cricut machine to decorate your refrigerator. You can use flat glass marbles and then print then cut designs to make your fridge magnets. You can also paint a small piece of wood, add vinyl to it and then add a magnet paper to the back. I love the Stone City glossy printable magnetic sheets that you can use.

Cricut magnet ideas, Make magnets with a Cricut
Click to watch the video.

18. Garden stakes/markers

If you like to garden or are interested in selling garden markers, use your Cricut to make those stakes for you. You can buy the garden stakes that have the pointed end and all you have to do is add some vinyl to the stake. 

19. Gift tags

Click to watch video.

Gift tags are another one of my favorite Cricut projects to make. There is always something or someone to celebrate and I usually don’t keep gift tags sitting around my house. Instead, I create personalized gift tags with my Cricut machine either using the print then cut feature or using a Cricut pen to write out a special message.

20. Greeting cards

Making greeting cards is very similar to making birthday cards. The design options are endless. Use cardstock, glitter, confetti and other trinkets to liven up your greeting card.

21. Hand fan

Hand fans are perfect for weddings, summer outdoor parties and even tea parties. Create a design for your top part and glue your wood handles to your design and you’re good to go!

Cricut Free SVG Files and Free Cricut Printables

22. Hat decals

If you enjoy wearing hats then you should definitely make hats with decals on them. The process is the same for just about all HTV projects, except you will need to purchase a Cricut Hat Press to apply your decal.

23. Headbands

Just like with fabric appliques, you can use your Cricut machine to cut out strips of fabric to make your headband. You will also need elastic, a sewing machine or sewing kit to hand sew. 

24. Invitations

Your Cricut machine can be used to make fancy wedding, birthday or party invitations. There are some projects in Cricut Design Space that you can look at to give you inspiration. You will need cardstock and possibly a printer to make your invitations. 

25. Iron on decals

If you don’t want to sell actual HTV projects, you can sell the iron on decal instead. This cuts out a lot of the application process which can get tedious when you’re measuring and placing your design on an item.

26. Jewelry

The Cricut jewelry that you can make is endless and includes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You will likely need some faux leather to make your Cricut jewelry and some jewelry kits to bring your jewelry together.

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27. Keychains

Keychains are easy to make with your Cricut. For the keychains that are clear acrylic, you can add vinyl or glitter to those and seal in the vinyl with epoxy resin

28. Kitchen towels

Tea towels are easy Cricut projects and add a touch of personality to your kitchen. You can also rotate your kitchen towels out by holiday. Buy your tea towels on Amazon and use your Cricut EasyPress 2 to apply your design.

29. Koozies

Who doesn’t love a good koozie to hold their drink. Koozies are perfect for the summer and also make good party favors and wedding favors. Use clever designs to add some flare to your koozies.

30. Labels

If you want to add labels to your spice jars, you can do that with your Cricut machine and you can also make labels to organize your storage containers. You can use vinyl to make your Cricut labels or you can make stickers to label your items. 

31. Lanyards

Who doesn’t love a personalized touch to items. If you buy blank lanyards, you can cut out your name or whatever design you want in HTV and apply it to your lanyard.

32. Laptop decal

Laptop decals are very trendy, you can tell by searching on Etsy. Use different color vinyl and different patterned vinyl to make your laptop decals stand out.

33. Laundry room bins

Using the labels that are mentioned above, you can organize your laundry room bins to keep your white and color clothes separate. I’ve also seen pictures of people adding vinyl to their washer and dryer. Just Google it and see.

34. Makeup bags

Cricut makeup bag, How to make a makeup bag with Cricut
Click to watch the video.

Personalized makeup bags make the perfect bridesmaid or birthday gift. Sometimes I use makeup bags as pencil/crayon holders for my nieces. Add their name and a unicorn to the makeup bag and they are good to go!

35. Mason jars

There are tons of mason jar projects that you can make with your Cricut machine. You can put vinyl on your mason jar, paint it, etch it with etching cream and so much more! Turn that mason jar into a kleenex holder, a lantern, and candle holder.

Check out my Amazon Storefront where I list my favorite Cricut products in 1 place: https://www.amazon.com/shop/insideoutlined

36. Monogram projects 

A project doesn’t get more personalized than a monogram project. I enjoy making monogram shirts, onesies, mugs, car decals and so much more. Check out Dafont.com to find the monogram font to help you create your Cricut projects.

37. Mugs

I love making mugs with my Cricut machine. Mugs are some of the easiest projects you can make and take less than 5 minutes to make, if you know what you’re doing. Make personalized mugs for holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc. 

38. Nail art

Did you know that you can use your Cricut machine to make nail art? Of course the Cricut can cut small and intricate designs, so paint your nails and cut out some shapes or letters in vinyl to go on your nails. I would suggest adding a top coat to your nails after you add your vinyl.

39. Name tags

You can make a variety of different name tags for a variety of different events with your Cricut machine. Whether it’s placement cards or gift tags cut in the shape of someone’s name, get creative with these!

Cricut name tag, Cricut personalized Gift tag
Click to watch the video.

40. Origami

Your Cricut machine can assist you in making origami like 3D paper art. Search for Cricut 3D flowers, letters, shadow boxes and more.

41. Ornaments 

Around the Christmas holiday, personalized ornaments are always trending. The options for the types of ornaments you can make are numerous including floating ornaments, clear plastic ornaments, wood ornaments, tile ornaments and so much more. Your ornaments options are unlimited with your Cricut machine.

42. Paper flowers

Paper flowers are all the rage, all year long. Paper flowers make the perfect decoration to add for birthday parties, graduations, weddings and any other event. I especially love that all it really takes to make paper flowers is cardstock.

Cricut Free SVG Files and Free Cricut Printables

43. Party banner

Party banners are easy to make with your Cricut machine and can be used for a variety of events. You can make birthday banners, Christmas banners, graduation banners and so much more. 

44. Photo props

If you’re having a party, you may as well have photo props. With your Cricut machine, you can cut out various themed photo props. I also love that you can give your photo props dimension by glueing on additional cardstock or trinkets. 

45. Pillow covers

Personalized pillow cases are a perfect way to decorate your home using your Cricut machine. Use your HTV and Cricut EasyPress to apply tons of designs to your pillow covers. What I enjoy about pillow covers is that you can use 1 pillow and have many different pillow covers that you created with your Cricut machine.

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46. Planner stickers

If you’re a serial planner then you absolutely will enjoy making planner stickers with your Cricut machine. You can use free designs in Design Space to come up with ideas for your planner stickers. Use your printer and some sticker paper to make all of your planner stickers come alive!

47. Quilting patterns

Just as with cutting fabric appliques, you can cut fabric quilting pieces with your Cricut in various shapes and sizes. 

48. Reverse canvas

Canvases aren’t just for painting on. If you turn your canvas over and pull out the staples, stain or paint the wood and then staple the canvas back to the wood and add some vinyl, you have yourself a reverse canvas. I love getting my canvases from Michaels because they always have great deals.

49. Ring dish

Ring dishes are simple, elegant Cricut projects. You can find inexpensive ring dishes at Target in the dollar section, at Ross and many more stores. Just add some vinyl to your ring dish to add a personal touch and it’s ready to go. 

50. Shadow box

Shadow boxes are great to use for Cricut crafting. You can put paper flowers in your shadow box and put vinyl on the outside. Use shadow boxes to decorate for Christmas, Mother’s Day, and even put your baby’s birth stats on the shadow box.

51. Stencils

You can use your Cricut machine to make stencils to create just about anything. If you have a project that you want to paint and you’re not good at freehand painting, then cut a stencil with your Cricut machine and just reverse weed your design and paint!

52. Stickers

Stickers definitely go in my top 10 things to create with my Cricut machine. To make stickers with your Cricut you will use the print then cut feature in Design Space. You will obviously need a printer and some sticker paper to make your stickers. Your stickers can be used for planners, birthday party accessories, packaging ideas for your business and so much more!

Cricut Free SVG Files and Free Cricut Printables

53. Svg files

Svg files are must to even use your Cricut machine or any other cutting machine. If you know how to design then you should definitely consider selling svg files. People are always looking to buy unique designs.

Check out my Amazon Storefront where I list my favorite Cricut products in 1 place: https://www.amazon.com/shop/insideoutlined

54. Temporary tattoos 

If you’re not into real tattoos but want to try temporary tattoos, you can make those with your Cricut machine. You can buy the Silhouette temporary tattoo paper and follow their instructions for making and applying your tattoos.

55. Tote bags

Learn how to easily make a Cricut tote bag with your Cricut machine.
Click to watch the video.

Tote bags are another one of my favorite HTV projects. To make tote bags with your Cricut machine, you need HTV and a tote bag. You will also need a heat press or Cricut EasyPress. Watch my video on my Cricut tote bag.

56. Tshirts

If you have a Cricut machine, you most definitely need to make tshirts with your machine. I absolutely love the fact that I can make myself a tshirt on a whim. I also sell personalized shirts every now and then. A lot of people who have Cricut machines and want to start a side hustle, usually start by selling shirts. You can find good quality shirts on Amazon or on Jiffyshirts.com.

57. Tumblers

Tumblers are another popular thing that people personalize using their Cricut machines. The process is super simple and requires you to use vinyl to apply to your tumbler. The design ideas are endless when personalizing tumblers. 

58. Unicorn decals

Who doesn’t love unicorns? If you know how to layer vinyl, you can create some really cool unicorn decals to put on your laptop, tumbler, water bottle, etc. You will need parchment paper and transfer tape to help you really layer your vinyl well.

59. Vases

If you have flower vases sitting around that you don’t want to get rid of or that look plain, add some vinyl to them. You can also paint them and then add vinyl to spruce them up.

60. Wall decals

Wall decals are so cute and draw you into a room. With your Cricut, you can cut small or large wall decals to make your craft room or any other space come alive.

61. Water canisters/bottles

Making water canisters/bottles are similar to making mugs, all you need is a cool design, some vinyl, and transfer tape and you’re good to go! 

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62. Wedding hangers

Wedding hangers that have “Bride”, “Bridesmaid”, etc. on them are so elegant; and to think that all you need is a wooden hanger and some vinyl! 

63. Welcome mat

I love seeing welcome mats that have personality and aren’t boring and dull. Use spray paint or paint to make your welcome mat. That stencil that I mentioned above will be needed for this project!

Cricut personalised door mat, Cricut welcome mat, Cricut door mat diy
Click to watch the video.

64. Wine glasses

Personalized wine glasses make the perfect wedding, birthday, or graduation gift. Just like mugs and water canisters/bottles, cut your design into your vinyl and use transfer tape to apply it to your wine glass.

65. Wood sign

There are tons of wood sign ideas that you can make with your Cricut machine. I like that you can either paint or stain your wood sign before applying your vinyl. I will say that paint dries a lot faster than stain does. 

66. Z fold card 

Z fold cards have 3 panels where you can add trinkets and messages to. Creating these cards is just like making birthday or greeting cards, except you have an additional panel to decorate.

Cricut Free SVG Files and Free Cricut Printables

There are endless creations to make with your Cricut machine as you can see above. You can find additional project ideas in Cricut Design Space, Pinterest, Facebook groups, etc. 

If you’re looking for ideas on where to find blanks to create the projects above, check out this blog post, Where To Buy The Best Blanks For Cricut Projects.

If you are looking to sell your Cricut crafts and make some money, sign up to my Cricut business email list where I share tips with you on how to get your business up and running and I also provide you with checklists to assist you along the way.

Creating with your Cricut doesn’t have to be expensive either. I find great products at Dollar Tree, the Target dollar section, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

Check out my Amazon Storefront where I list my favorite Cricut products in 1 place: https://www.amazon.com/shop/insideoutlined


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