Where To Buy The Best Blanks For Cricut Projects

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Crafting with my Cricut Explore Air 2 is my favorite thing to do in my free time. Sometimes I’m so engaged and excited to craft that I invite my friends over to have a crafting session. Before I begin crafting, I like to have blanks on hand for my projects.

Looking for some blanks for your Cricut projects or for your vinyl projects? Here are the best places to buy those blanks and get crafting!

Over the course of time, the following sites have been my go-to places to find blanks for my Cricut projects. Just FYI, Amazon is my absolute favorite place to get Cricut blanks. Check out my Amazon Storefront where I list my favorite products in 1 place: https://www.amazon.com/shop/insideoutlined

My Vinyl Direct

I ran across My Vinyl Direct while scrolling on Instagram one day. I was intrigued by the personalized home decor, apparel and drinkware in their Instagram feed and I immediately began following them. I clicked over to their website to check out some of their products and discovered that they not only have vinyl for sale, but also blanks for cricut projects, transfer tape and more.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are easy gifts that anyone can appreciate when you put a personalized touch on them.


Tumblers, just like water bottles, are easy to personalize and make great gifts for any occasions.


Makeup Bags

For all the ladies in your life, makeup bags are the perfect blanks for Cricut projects. These bags can also be used as pencil/pen and marker holders for the kiddos.

Canvas tote bags

Looking for an easy gift to make for Teacher Appreciation Week? These canvas tote bags just need some HTV and a witty design.


Koozies are cute, fun and keep your drink dry. Personalized these koozies for football games, cheer tournaments and other sporting events or gatherings!


Why not pick up a few blanks for your Cricut projects while shopping online at Amazon? You’re already buying that bulk order of paper towels or tissue. The blanks that you can use for your Cricut projects are numerous on Amazon.

Check out my Amazon Storefront where I list my favorite products in 1 place: https://www.amazon.com/shop/insideoutlined


Tshirts are always good to have on hand and Amazon always has good deals on tshirts.


Making reverse canvases are all the rage now, so stock up on them from Amazon.

Gift Bags

These gift bags are perfect to decorate and put your party favors in. Use your Cricut to decorate the outside of the bag to fit the theme of your party.

Food Storage Containers

These containers are great for storing food in your kitchen and pantry. You can also create labels to put on these containers. 

Plush Elephant

Plush elephants have been trending lately. These elephants are perfect for birth announcements or birth stats for baby showers. 

Starbucks Cups

These Starbucks cups have been all the rave and are perfect for putting a name around the logo. 

Check out my Amazon Storefront where I list my favorite products in 1 place: https://www.amazon.com/shop/insideoutlined


Aprons are perfect for crafting or cooking and these aprons are adjustable and water resistant which makes them even better. Two aprons come in a pack.

Check out my Amazon Storefront where I list my favorite products in 1 place: https://www.amazon.com/shop/insideoutlined

Pillow Covers 

Pillow covers are a great way to liven up your home in a quick and easy way and are especially perfect for changing things around your home for the different seasons and holidays.

Dollar Tree

Sometimes we overlook the amazing crafting items that are available in Dollar Tree. Everything ranging from wine glasses, mini canvases and storage containers can be found at Dollar Tree.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Turn these simple stemless wine glasses into personalized gifts or decor at wines, birthdays or other celebrations.

Mug Jars

These mug jars are perfect for the summer to drink some ice cold lemonade or tea. Add your favorite summer saying to give them some flare.

Vases and Containers

These vases can be personalized and used as gift holder, make brushes, pencil holders and so much more.


These are my go to places to find blanks for my Cricut or vinyl projects. All of these items are very affordable and can be bought in bulk so you are never unprepared to craft (as if that could ever happen).

Comment below and let me know where you buy your blanks for your crafting projects.


7 thoughts on “Where To Buy The Best Blanks For Cricut Projects

  1. These are great ideas. Thank you. You mentioned reverse canvas projects. Can you use those in the cricut maker?

  2. Thank you so much for putting this list together – it super helpful! I love the little elephant as a birth announcement – do you have an SVG for that? I’m just starting out so I hope it’s an easy enough project. Thank you again!

  3. Hi!

    I do not have an svg file for the birth announcement, but I can add it to my list to create it.

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